What Is GeneMe? A DNA Customized Supplement

GeneMe® is the DNA-customized supplement by GeneLink Bioscience, Inc. DNA-customized supplements are the personalized wellness solution by creating individual-specific supplement products based on their unique set of genes. After nearly 20 years of research by physicians, scientists and researchers, GeneMe®  is the technology to formulate one-of-a-kind supplements based on the result of the confidential genetic analysis and examination of one’s genetic profile.

Genes (DNA) determine our phenotypes. DNA encodes proteins – the functional molecules that have various biological and physiological functions. Human genome and genes are polymorphism. There could be many variants of the same gene. This lead to the unique appearance of each individual. Different blood types are also the phenotypes resulting from the polymorphism of the gene. These variations or polymorphisms of the gene are not affecting the health and is not at all relevant to health. Other variations in genes, however, have profound effects on various biochemical pathways. Some genes encode proteins which function as the regulators or modulators of the expression of other genes. Within the cell, exists complex cascades of signal transduction pathways that are implicated in numerous biological mechanisms. These difference in (regulations of) key proteins and biological processes can have long-term effects on how body functions and potentially affect health and healthy aging.

GeneLink Bioscience, Inc claims that their GeneMe technology can design the supplements tailored to each individual after analysis of one’s genetic profile. They can cost-effectively identify the polymorphism or variations in critical genes and then create and formulate the dietary ingredients that will optimize and maintaining maximum health.

How their proprietary genetic assessment is done to deliver a personalized supplement? What genes are being included as important for determining what ingredients and the amount to be added?  On the company official web site for GeneMe® (geneme.me), they do reveal the criteria for the genes to be included in the “healthy aging genetic assessment”, they call these genes as “panel” – the set of genes included in the test. They also provide some examples to illustrate what they stated as “the personalized ingredients is to offset, bypass and beneficially support  the biological effects of genes”. The procedure for the assessment or test is easy and fast. Sample was obtained from inside cheek and then gone through the lab for analysis. They listed three criteria for the inclusion of the gene and they guarantee the confidentiality of their GeneMe program:

  • the polymorphism of the gene is due to variation in individual nucleotide (called SNP: single nucleotide polymorphism), not of other structural variations such as deletion, recombination; and the function of the genes is well characterized.
  • the gene has to be what they call an “actionable gene” which suggests that the gene is sufficient to influence one aspect of the biological function. The example they put on their web site is the VDR gene. This gene can clearly indicate the status of one’s “bone density”. “Actionable” implies that the ingredients they can add to a base formula can effectively “offset, bypass or beneficially support” the bone density the body needs.
  • the third criteria for a gene to be included is the availability of the “established compensating ingredients” or “boosts”. For VDR genes, the “established compensating ingredients” could be calcium, vitamin D3 and Vitamin K to be added to the customized formula.

There are 12 genes listed which are members of the panel: VDR gene (vitamin D receptor), EPHX gene (microsomal epoxide hydrodase), NQOI (Coenzyme Q10 Reductase), SOD2 (Manganese Superoxide Dismutase), GPX1 (Glutathione Peroxidase 1), MMP-1(Matrix Metalloproteinase), MTRR (Methionine Synthase Reductase), MTHFR Gene (Methylene Tetrahydrofolate), TNF-Alpha (Tumor Necrosis Factor), PON-1 (Paraoxonase 1), CYP11B2 (Aldosterone Synthase), ApoB (Apolipoprotein B). (To learn more about what each of these genes can affect different aspects of health, go to geneme.me/12genes.aspx).

The customized ingredients (called “boosts”) are then added to a base formula comprising of many well know ingredients commonly suggested by dietary nutritionist for promoting and maintaining health. The base formula includes popular vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, fruit and vegetable powders, botanical extracts.

There is a comprehensive FAQ section on the GeneMe® official web site that provide many additional practical information about this product.

How does GeneMe® work for customers? What does customers say about it? At the time of this writing, I actually can not find any customer feedbacks on any forums or web sites. There are a few reviews on the internet about GeneMe®, these probably are the sites put up by GeneMe affiliates or sales representatives who are marketing this product for GeneLink Bioscience. The company’s official web site have customer reviews (http://www.geneme.me/testimonials.aspx). See this post for an opinion about the current evaluation and prospects about nutrigenetics based wellness products and programs.

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