Natural HGH Supplements

Why We Do Not Recommend prescription HGH?

Because HGH is a large protein molecule with 191 amino acids, oral form of HGH not only is costly to produce, but also the liver can break down HGH ingested into the stomach, and the HGH molecule was too large to be absorbed through the lining of the mouth. HGH has to be injected directly into the bloodstream for anti-aging treatment, this is an invasive procedure requiring physcian’s prescription.

The main problem associated with injectable Human Growth Hormone is that it often costs upwards of $3000 a month. That’s $36,000 a year and it is not covered by insurance. Additionally, this invasive therapy comes with some health risks. Side effects such as allergic reactions, fever, and swelling are just a few of the risks associated with the injectable form of therapy.

Therefore, You should certainly weigh the benefits (decrease the effects of the aging process, increase energy, mood and lean muscle mass, decrease fat, etc) and risks first before making a decision to purchase prescription HGH. 

We Recommend Natural HGH Supplements To Replace prescription HGH


How is natural HGH supplements differ from prescription HGH and why we recommend HGH supplements to replace prescriptoin HGH? In short,  alternative safe and inexpensive natural HGH therapies have been introduced into the market. These natural HGH supplements or products fall into 2 main categories: amino acids as the HGH releaser and homeopathic HGH. Both categories of HGH products actually do not contain HGH or contain a very small amount of HGH or HGH precursors. These HGH supplements work by stimulating our body’s internal mechanism to product more HGH instead of injecting HGH directly into our body, thus to avoid the side effects usually accompanied with injectable prescription HGH. Then, the next question you might have is: how do I choose and what are the best HGH products on the market? The table below summarize this for you, follow the link to read the review articles for these top rated HGH products.


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