Shaklee Vivix Product Review

Shaklee Vivix Product Review

In 2008 Shaklee Corporation introduced a unique product to the marketplace, Vivix. Shaklee spent years researching and formulating Vivix to its present form. The primary ingredient in Vivix is something called resveratrol, a natural substance found in red wine. Studies done on mice has shown that resveratrol offsets a high-calorie diet and can potentially extend their lives.

While resveratrol has several health benefits, you would have to drink A LOT of red wine to truly reap the benefits. That’s where Shaklee and Vivix come in. After conducting the largest research project in its 52 year history, Shaklee created the anti-aging tonic Vivix by combining the equivalent of 3,000 glasses of red wine’s resveratrol with a patent-pending plant extract.

This combination is said to impact 4 major factors to cellular aging: Protecting and repairing DNA, genetic regulators, cellular energy production and slowing the aging process.

While these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, Shaklee’s long track record of excellence and purity is a guarantee you can count on with Vivix. Having tasted Vivix myself, I can tell you that this product is awesome! It’s a red syrup that tastes like super-sweet grape juice.

The recommended dosage per day is one teaspoon, which is the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 100 glasses of red wine. Each 1.7 fl. ounce bottle of Vivix contains a 30-day supply, if taken at the recommended dosage. Now for the downside.

If you want to buy Vivix directly, without being a certified customer or distributor for Shaklee, you can expect to pay $100.00 plus shipping for a 3 bottle box. If you become a Shaklee distributor you’ll save about 15% off this price plus you earn about half the Personal Volume you need to qualify for bonuses each month.

While Shaklee has a ton of great products, Vivix is by far the best product I’ve tried.

Not only is Vivix appealing to those wanting to live longer, healthier lives, but it’s flavor will have you wanting more and not gagging every time you think about taking it.

I understand the price of Vivix may keep a lot of people from buying it, but for those who have considered joining the Shaklee business opportunity, Vivix is a great product that stands on its own. Shaklee has raised the bar on health and nutrition with Vivix and has given consumers a choice product that is one of the best resveratrol options available on the market today.


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